3 Reasons to Mix Classic Art and Modern Interior Design

Modern classic interior design is all the rage these days. Try it out for yourself by using art as your classic puzzle piece. Here are 3 reasons why the combination of classic art and modern interior design works.

Art prints of A Roman Beauty by John William Godward
A Roman Beauty by John William Godward

1. The classics never go out of style

classic (adjective)
1. judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.

There’s a reason famous artwork still resonates with audiences around the world: they’re considered classics! The very definition of the word ‘classic’ is as follows: ‘judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.’ Not only do classic works of art demonstrate standards of skill in the art world, but they are records of the story of humanity. It’s those very stories that keep us coming back for more. Ever heard of Mona? Yes, Mona Lisa? You’re not alone. About 6 million people visit her at the Louvre each year. Luckily, you don’t have to travel to France to enjoy her slightly amused expression (although you totally should), because the option of high quality art prints is literally at your fingertips.

Art prints of Reflections by Elmer Wachtel
Reflections by Elmer Wachtel

2. Combining classic art with contemporary design is unexpected

Dare to be different! Who says you can’t hang a historic American or European landscape painting in a contemporary space? Juxtaposition in interior design is a common practice, as demonstrated in the ever evolving modern classic interior design movement. You are just choosing to create interesting design contrast with art. Combining the typical with the unexpected also adds character to a space and shows just how innovative you can be! Create conversation with the folks lucky enough to be invited into your home by mixing framed classic art with your modern home decor. Maybe you saw the original at a museum on your last vacation, maybe it brings up childhood memories or maybe, you just like it. Whatever the reason for loving historic art, you won’t fail when including it in any interior design plan.

Art prints of Pegasus II &  The Race Horse, 1894 by Odilon Redon
Pegasus II & The Race Horse, 1894 by Odilon Redon

3. Classic art is educational

Art often evokes emotion from the viewer, but why not surround yourself with moving art that is also educational? Merging time periods by using classic art in your contemporary interior design reminds us where we come from and who came before us. Before photography, paintings were all we had to record the people and happenings in our history. Those stories will always be a source of inspiration for artistic endeavors such as movies and books to contemporary works of art by today’s famous and emerging artists. Historic paintings bridge the gap between all other subjects and will bring a level of sophistication and worldliness to your home decor.

Art prints of Evening Glow on Mount McKinley by Sydney Laurence
Evening Glow on Mount McKinley by Sydney Laurence

Mixing classic art in your modern interior design is daring, interesting and just downright cool (in our humble opinion). Let history repeat itself in your interior design by shopping our wide variety of art subjects, and as always, let us know if you ever need help finding something specific.

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