6 Reasons Houseplants Improve Your Home & Daily Life

6 Reasons Indoor Plants Improve Your Home & Daily Life

The benefits of bringing plants indoors are numerous, and many are firmly backed by science. Here’s a breakdown of our favorite reasons to keep houseplants.

1. Fresh Air Quality

Take yourself back to those elementary science lessons. We were taught that plants take that icky stuff called carbon-dioxide, and through the process of photosynthesis, they grow while releasing yummy, life giving oxygen. So not only are your houseplants giving you an oxygenated home, but, according to NASA research, they can also remove other toxic compounds and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the air, such as formaldehyde and Benzene. Plants are literally pulling double duty to keep your house, and lungs, squeaky clean.

Boston Fern removes formaldehyde from indoor air

2. Better Mental Health

Having plants as neighbors has been proven to reduce fatigue, stress levels & anxiety, as well as a general feeling of well being. In several hospital studies, it was found that those patients with a garden view room recovered from surgery faster than those without. Indoor plants have also been found to improve concentration, as discovered by the Royal College of Agriculture. They discovered that student attentiveness was improved by 70% in plant-filled environments, making plants a great addition to any work place.

3. Improve Sleep

Keeping sleep-supporting plants in your bedroom is a great way to improve your sleep. Plants such as lavender, jasmine and gardenia are particularly helpful in creating a soothing, fragrant, sleepy-ambiance. Many plants, such as the spider plant and succulents, also release oxygen in the evening, making them great sleeping companions.

Keep lavender in the bedroom to improve sleep

4. Lower Background Noise

With all of the electronic devices we’re all living with now, not to mention the noises from the outside world, our homes are less-than tranquil places of peace and quiet, but are rather buzzing with distraction and sound. House plants are good at absorbing that ambient noise, and some even excel at absorbing high frequencies better than others.

Peace lilies reduce indoor noise

5. Boost Energy Levels

We are surrounded by inanimate objects all the time, particularly when indoors. There is no contesting how beneficial it is to spend 20+ minutes outside everyday, and how just a short period of time without a roof and doors can boost energy levels. Keeping indoor plants will bring that energy-boosting-power to the interior of the home. Plants are living, breathing beings, and they’ll give your plethora of inanimate objects a run for their money…or rather, a sit for their money, cuz, uh…they don’t move.

6. Keep Out the Creepy Crawlies

Lemongrass, peppermint, lavender, mint and many other plants repel a wide variety of bugs & critters. Too many spiders moving into your apartment? No problem. Stop by the local nursery and pick up some peppermint to plant in pots by your door. Say a gleeful goodbye to those unwanted, eight-legged visitors.

Peppermint repels mosquitos & spiders

If you don’t already have a plethora of botanicals, then now is the time to head out and find some of your favorites. They are, after all, super great for your health, your mind, your soul and your home. If you are a plant aficionado, then hurrah! Comment below with your favorite green babies and share your houseplant photos with us on Instagram (tag us @encoreeditions).

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