8 Tips for Buying Artwork for your Home

1) Choose art that you L-O-V-E. Art that means something to you or speaks to you. The art that surrounds you should be a reflection of who you are and what makes you HAPPY. And, bonus, you will always find space on your walls for art you love. Shopping by collection can be useful to get you started.

2) Pay close attention to color if you are choosing art for a particular space. Use the other items in the room as inspiration – a touch of orange in the rug or throw pillows? Then orange in the art will only compliment your other accessories. It also works the other way around – choose, purchase and hang your fine art print and then narrow down your accessories. Whatever works for you.

3) Be careful about the size of your art. Are you choosing an art print for a particular wall? Not sure of what size to purchase? Here’s a handy-dandy idea: cut the size you are envisioning out of paper (or combine 8 ½” x 11” sheets) and tape it up on your wall. Back away and have a look; is it too big or too small? Tweak from there and you’ll have an idea of the final size you need to achieve. While shopping our site, you can check your sizing with our wall preview feature – it’s super helpful.

4) Frame your art for a more traditional, polished look. And you should frame for the art, not necessarily only for your décor. Do you live in a chic New York loft? Congratulations you lucky duck! You, my dear, may prefer an affordable gallery wrapped art print option, which doesn’t need a frame, and has a modern and clean feel. Click here to read up on all of your Print Options.

5) Do you have a very large space to fill? Try a collage of images within a theme such as a grouping of botanicals or perhaps art that is within the same color palette, like all black and white, or monochromatic images. You can also frame a varied image collection the same way for a cohesive appearance.

6) Don’t be afraid to break the rules, or dare I say, color outside of the lines. Can you hang a modern art print in a traditionally designed room or an old master print in a modern room? YES! Why yes you can! Sometimes juxtaposition is just what a space needs and let’s face it – it’s just pure FUN to break the rules! Ask any teenager. Or three-year old.

7) Hang your art at the “right” height. That means it should be hanging somewhere near eye level, or if you are following gallery rules (la-ti-da), the center of the image should be about 60” from the floor. If you’re hanging over a sofa or headboard, the bottom of the art should be within 6-12 inches from the top of the furniture.

8) Not sure of what you like? Think outside the box and make your own art print using a favorite photo or a digital copy of your own artwork. All you need to do is contact us with your special project and we’ll help you put it together. It will certainly be art that you never tire of! I mean c’mon – look at that face!

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