Artist Highlight: Albert Bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt, a German-born American artist, was a member of the loosely formed Hudson River School, as well as the Rocky Mountain School of painters. He is best known for his exquisite United States landscape paintings with romantic, sweeping views and dramatic light; also known as luminism. To stand in front of one of the 500 plus paintings completed during his lifetime, some massive in size, is to experience the American landscape with a sense of awe only otherwise available as visiting the real thing.

Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains by Albert Bierstadt

Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Lander's Peak by Albert Bierstadt

Lander’s Peak

Indians Spear Fishing by Albert Bierstadt

Indians Spear Fishing

Mount Brewer from King's River Canyon by Albert Bierstadt

Mount Brewer from King’s River Canyon

Rocky Mountain Sheep by Albert Bierstadt

Rocky Mountain Sheep or Big Horn, Ovis, Montana

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