Who was Wildlife Artist Carl Rungius?

Carl Rungius Artist Signature

Born in Berlin in 1869, Carl Rungius went on to become North America’s first career wildlife artist. He was always a lover of hunting and big game, so it’s no wonder that when he visited his uncle in Maine to go moose hunting, and subsequently visited Wyoming with it’s impressive wildlife and landscapes, he made the decision to leave Germany behind permanently and stay in America.

Carl Rungius print, Coming to the Call

Coming to the Call framed canvas print by Carl Rungius

Under the direction of Theodore Roosevelt, America became more educated and sensitive to conservation and the preservation of the wild life, wild places and the natural resources of our great nation. Because photography was still in it’s infancy, Carl Rungius’ art helped to disperse the conservation message which also covered ethical hunting and the importance of maintaining game animal and bird populations.

Carl Rungius poster prints, Dall Sheep

Dall Sheep art poster by Carl Rungius

Not suprisingly, Carl Rungius’ paintings are hugely popular in rustic interior design. Ranch and mountain homes feature his art prints in grand splendor and the raw wildness of his subject matter fits right in.

Interior Ranch style living room with Carl Rungius print over fireplace

Caribou framed canvas print by Carl Rungius

In addition, the cowboy way of life was certainly not left out by Rungius. His cattle and horse paintings depict the west just as it was, dirty, hard work and beautiful in that big sky western way.

In the Sagebrush framed paper print by Carl Rungius

Carl Rungius art print, The End of the Roundup

The End of the Roundup framed art print by Carl Rungius

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