Artist Highlight: Henriette Ronner Knip

Widely considered one of the finest animal painters of her century, Henriette Ronner Knip is best known for her romantic portrayals of cats and dogs in bourgeois scenery. Henriette was a lifelong artist, encouraged and rigorously trained by her artist father, Joseph Augustus Knip. She exhibited and sold her first painting at the young age of 16 and continued to paint diligently throughout her life, quite often to support her family of six children and a sickly husband. She was commissioned to paint for many European royals and earned several awards, gold and silver, for her artwork, and was awarded the Cross of the Order of Leopold II, King of Belgium, which in 1887 was a very rare honor for a woman to receive. She was even knighted in 1909 and became the Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau, Netherlands.

It is safe to say that she certainly did her part to pave the way for many female artists that came after her and we will do our part to make sure that her art will live on here.

Check out some of our customer favorites:

A Cat with Her Kittens by Henriette Ronner Knip

A Cat with Her Kittens

A Kitten Chasing a Butterfly by Henriette Ronner Knip

A Kitten Chasing a Butterfly

Peek-a-Boo, Terrier by Henriette Ronner Knip


Sleep, Kittens by Henriette Ronner Knip

Sleep, Kittens

The Dream Trip or World Travelers by Henriette Ronner Knip

The Dream Trip or World Travelers

We hope you think Henriette Ronner Knip’s artwork is as purrrfect as we do. 🙂 Visit Henriette Ronner Knip’s art collection for a huge selection of cat art prints and cat posters.

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