Custom art from your photos – yeah, we do that too.

Some of the most enjoyable projects we work on, besides art prints for movies and various television series, are when customers come to us with a wall art idea and we get the opportunity to help them execute it. On a particular regular day here at Encore, one of our most loyal customers called with a request for her photograph to be reproduced on canvas to hang over her mantle (which happens to be in a room that we helped to decorate with sporting equine and dog art prints – more on that later!).

Customer living room showing space over fireplace

The Project Room

The image she wanted to use was a sweet one of her and her husband taken from the Ralph Lauren-esque interior of their lovely home on the East Coast. We of course gleefully accepted the challenge and discussed the various options that were available to her. She was particularly interested in a gallery wrap, or museum wrapped canvas, which can be hung without the need of a frame. We decided on a deeper stretcher bar of 1 1/2″. Although this depth is more difficult to frame at a later date, she liked it because it was a cleaner look, which complimented the classic feeling of the photograph.

Space over fireplace mapped out with painters tape

The Space in Question

Photo Canvas Print in Black & White and Sepia tones

The Wonderful Clients

Once the media and finishing options were chosen, then we moved on to the image itself. She sent the largest image file to us via our upload link on our Design Services page and we got to work. We sized the image to what she had requested, and found that it would ultimately be too narrow in it’s original proportions. With her permission, I cropped the image ever-so-slightly and did a bit of tweaking and minor detailing in the background and voila! We were much closer to the proper sized print for the space over her mantle (which she brilliantly tested out on the wall with painter’s tape…so smart!). I did initially suggest a sepia tone for the photo but the customer decided that it would have too much of an old-timey look for their decor style, so we stuck with the original black and white. She then chose a solid border edging over the mirrored edging and we were all set to print.

About a week or so later, she received her custom photo canvas wall art, hung it up with the help of her husband and stood back to admire the result of our collaboration. Here’s what she had to say about it this and previous experiences: “Encore Editions has the most fabulous customer service! We have been working with them for years. Sara and Elizabeth are excellent. Sara and I work together so effortlessly, that it is an absolute pleasure when it’s time for me to brainstorm a new project! Fantastic company!”

The Final Result

It is always a pleasure working closely with our clients and knowing that we’ve helped them achieve exactly what they were hoping for, well, that’s just the icing on the cake. This is exactly the caliber of customer service that you can expect from us. We will give you the time and attention that your project deserves. I guarantee you won’t find customized wall art design and assistance like this anywhere else on the internet.

Have an idea for a custom project? Get in touch and we will respond within 24 hours!

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