Hand-made Artwork Reproduction Prints…by Artists who Care

You may be asking yourself, what exactly do the ladies at Encore Editions make? Well, I’ll tell you! We make fine art reproduction prints the right way. What does that mean? The materials we use are completely archival which ensures that your investment lasts and lasts. We digitally print every order in house. Each print is assembled by hand, whether it’s a stretched canvas print or framed fine art paper print. We package each and every order before it ships – and when I say “we”, I honestly mean it. I like to think I’m the fastest bubble-wrapper on the East Coast and Elizabeth, well, she’s a total show-off with the tape dispenser.

What makes an Encore Editions print so special? We strictly use the giclée print method, pronounced zhee-clay, which is just a fancy-schmancy-French word for “to spray,” or in other words, very high quality ink-jet. If you were to visit our office (please do!) you would find huge printers which we use to direct-print your orders. Each has oodles of inks, providing beautiful clarity and vibrant color so your custom wall art is reproduced as accurately as possible.

Whether your order is for a fine art canvas print, archival paper print, poster print or custom note card collection, you can sleep soundly knowing that the ladies at EE take your patronage to heart.

At the end of the day, we ask ourselves, have we made our customers happy? Are we proud of what we shipped today? If the artists we sell could meet us, or rather, if we could meet them (which would be totally amazing!), would they be satisfied with how we represented their work? Would Van Gogh hug or hit me? I’m 100% sure we’d be instant best-buds…

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