Keepin’ It Local with Bucks County Pride

Bucks County, Pennsylvania and the surrounding NJ Delaware River towns, are a hot spot for tourism and the arts scene. We are nestled about halfway between Philadelphia and New York, making it a perfect place for a weekend away from the noise and bustle of the city. The Delaware River Valley has a rich artistic history, featuring prominent Pennsylvania Impressionist painters such as Daniel Garber, Edward Redfield and George Sotter.

Our artistic tendency has not slowed down since the days of the PA Impressionists, aka New Hope School of Art. The Bucks County towns and villages are a-buzz with hundreds, dare I say, thousands of artists exhibiting in local galleries, entering contests, selling their wares at the local arts festivals and hosting classes.

All of that art has to come from somewhere right? Besides just the beautiful mind of the artist we need stuff: paint, canvas, paper, pastels, brushes, etc. Thankfully there is an excellent local source for all of our art supply needs: Phoenix Art Supplies & Framing, conveniently located just below Doylestown. Not only does Phoenix ASF have all of the supplies necessary to keep creating, but it’s also a great place for gifts. I have a tough time exiting this place without picking up something for my very tenacious 3 year old daughter, a self-proclaimed artist from the very start (ok maybe not the VERY start, but you know what I mean). There just seems to be something for everyone.

And to boot – they have friendly staff. Isn’t it amazing how terrible shopping can be when the staff neglect to say hi or offer to help, or are just…..grumpy? Unfortunately, this seems to be the norm nowadays. Not at Phoenix ASF. They’re amazing and friendly and smiley and say “Hi” kind of people. And lots of brains! Wow, do they know their stuff and I’m not just talking about art supplies. As a matter of fact, they’re actually working hand-in-hand with Pixelmight, a Doylestown website and graphics company, to create a directory of all the local Bucks County artsy happenings. See? Pheonix Art Supplies & Framing is ALREADY helping you find what you need!

So, moral of the story? We’re keepin’ it local. Just sittin’ here, basking in the overwhelming Bucks County talent that surrounds us, dreaming of our next visit to Phoenix ASF, to buy the stuff we need to illustrate the dream. Phew! That was deep…

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