The Art of the Interior | Volume I

Art can make or break a space. A print or painting reproduction can bring flair or comfort. The choice is yours. Here are a few home interior selections in various decor styles, all of which make make my heart go pitter-patter. And of course, every room includes a show-stopping piece of art, which in my humble opinion, is the icing on the proverbial cake.

Country Entryway featuring an antique Sailing Ship painting | Inspired Room via New England Home

Here’s our version:

James Cook Entering the Port of Leghorn Framed Canvas Print

James Cook Entering the Port of Leghorn framed canvas print by the American School

French Tudor Sitting Room featuring an original New England Seascape painting | via Summer Thorton Design

Our version:

Coast of Maine by Frederick Judd Waugh Framed Canvas Print

Coast of Maine framed canvas print by Frederick Judd Waugh, an American Marine Artist

Modern Farmhouse Living Room featuring a muted color palette Landscape Painting | Home Adore via Total Concepts

Our version:

Lone Farm by Daniel Garber Framed Canvas Print

Lone Farm framed canvas print by Daniel Garber, a Pennsylvania Impressionist artist

French Country sitting room with Edgar Payne Marine painting focal point | Gamifi via John Malick & Associates

Our version:

Sunlight on Brittany Boats by Edgar Payne Framed Canvas Print

Sunlight on Brittany Boats framed canvas print by Edgar Payne, an American Southwestern painter

Find your “icing” by starting your search in our print collections or shopping by artist.

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