The Very Best of American Southwestern Art

One of the last frontiers of the United States, the Southwestern landscape has drawn artists from all backgrounds to it’s mystery, wilderness, stunning views and dramatic land formations. Artists such as Maynard DixonEdgar Payne and Granville Redmond all depict the American Southwest in brilliant execution of hue and vibrancy.

Maynard Dixon

Maynard Dixon

A colorful character who took his love for the West so seriously that he often dressed like a cowboy, Maynard Dixon made the Southwestern US his permanent residence after exploring many of it’s corners. He is best known for his paintings of vast landscapes in a more simple, modern style, with powerful composition comprised of low horizons, bold cloud formations and beautiful color.

Peaceful Morning by Maynard Dixon

Peaceful Morning

Autumn Poplars by Maynard Dixon

Autumn Poplars

Prairie Shower by Maynard Dixon

Prairie Shower

Edgar Payne

Edgar Payne and his wife Elsie

Edgar Alwin Payne was a lover of travel and primarily a self-taught plein-air impressionist artist. He was married to Elsie Palmer, also a successful artist. He is best known for his paintings of American Indians from the Four Corners area of the Southwestern United States and the Sierra mountains of California. He also created several stunning paintings of boats at harbor while on his international travels.

Shadowed Peaks by Edgar Payne

Shadowed Peaks

Canyon de Chelly by Edgar Payne

Canyon de Chelly

Sailboats in Harbor by Edgar Payne

Sailboats in Harbor

Granville Redmond

Granville Redmond in the Studio

Friend of Charlie Chaplin and deaf from contracting Scarlet Fever as a very young child, Granville Redmond was a prolific Tonalist and California Impressionist painter. His most appreciated subjects were of the California coastal and inland landscape paintings, mostly when in full bloom or with stunning ocean views.

California Poppy Field by Granville Redmond

California Poppy Field

Rocky Coast by Granville Redmond

Rocky Coast

A Field of California Poppies

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