We’ve gone to the dogs…

We love our dogs. Like, we REALLY love our dogs, don’t we? That’s why, even though we live with them and see them every day, we also adorn the walls of our home in their likeness. Dog art is all the rage for those of us who worship our four-legged friends. Here’s some beautiful examples of dog artwork being used brilliantly in home decor.


Blissfully displayed in a little girl’s eclectic bedroom. Image credit: Aesthetic Outburst 


Or, classic dog artwork included in an alpine chalet bedroom, like the John Emms painting seen here. Image credit: Flair for Design Blog


A modern take on our favorite pooches can add a much needed splash of color to any room. The terrier painting pictured here certainly looks like he/she is a lot of fun. So is that wallpaper – wow! Image credit: Jennifer Barron Interiors


Oversized art makes a BIG statement. And what’s more fitting than a HUGE giclee canvas print of an ENORMOUS Great Dane? Image credit: Style Carrot


Even the little dogs get in on the action. We love this modern dog art just as much as the next pooch! Image credit: Laura Casey Interiors


And let’s not forget about our furry friends while at work. Oh no…puppy webcam anyone? The dog sketch featured here is reminiscent of our Arthur Wardle art, and in our opinion, is just priceless. Image credit: My Domain


Orange you glad you have a dog? Hang some art above the fireplace that your dog sleeps in front of. Image credit: Slumber Designs

No bones about it, dogs are a big part of our lives. They’re our best friends, our family and become a part of our homes in more ways than one. What does your dog mean to you?

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